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Protective Cover

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When your parasol is not in use, keep it safe with a protective cover.

Bambrella’s range of protective covers are specially designed to protect parasols and ensure the frame and cover keep there colour. The covers are Ideal for storage during the winter months and bad weather.

Using Bambrella’s easy design, the protective covers come with telescopic arms that make it easy to use whether your parasol is up or down.

If you’re not sure about which cover to buy, take a look at the table below

Product description Shape
Small Protective cover Levante 2.1m Square
Sirocco 2.5m Round
Levante 2.5m Round
Sirocco 3.0m Round
Levante 3.0m Round
Medium Levante 2 x 3m Rec
Levante 2.6m Square
Levante 3.5m Round
Large Levante 2.5m x 3.5m Rec
Levante 3.0m Square
Levante 4.0m Round
Extra Large 3.4m SQ-L
Large Side Wind
Protective cover
3.0m SQ-SW
3.5m R-SW
Extra Large Side Wind
Protective Cover
3.0 x 4.0m REC-SW,
3.4m SQ-SW

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Additional information