Bambrella Maestro – 4m Cantilever Parasol

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NEW, Bold, Unique and Beautiful with a stylish graphite gray frame – that’s Maestro.

The Bambrella Maestro is a NEW 4m cantilever parasol introduced by the bamboo parasols company, with a distinctive elegant design and a classic aluminium construction.

It is made with particular attention to details  and, as if that were not enough: it can be vertically tilted to about 45 degrees and has a 360 degree rotating heavy duty base to sustain the reinforced frame and pole.

  • Rotating base and vertical tilt of the canopy
  • Large size, ideal for commercial sector
  • Reinforced frame, ribs and pole
  • Rust and corrosion resistant aluminium structure
  • Fast and easy operation with a crank handle
  • Protective cover included
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In just a few months from its launch, the NEW Bambrella MAESTRO has established itself as a reliable 4m cantilever parasol, highly sought-after in the hospitality industry, where smaller and lighter umbrellas are simply not enough. With its 4 metre canopy, the new MAESTRO is a great choice for every garden or terrace whose guests require shade from the sun. An umbrella that both shades and comfortably shelters up to 16 sq meters and it can be easily rotated and positioned at any angle, allowing you to enjoy maximum sun protection throughout the day.

These parasols were tested in a wind tunnel in order to test the durability and strength of the pole and canopy.
The parasols were bolted and secured to the ground.
Do not leave any parasol in the open position in winds in excess of 20mph, without being fitted and bolted to the ground by licensed contractor.
Always close your parasol when not in use!


After you’ve finished the assembly part (see ‘Attachments’ tab for guide), operating this cantilever is extremely easy:

Opening and adjusting the cantilever parasol:

Unstrap the securing band of the canopy, press the handle (1) and move the vertical slider upwards about 50 cm, until the canopy distances itself from the side pole, and release the handle. Turn the crank-handle (2) clockwise until the cover is completely unfolded. Using the slider (1), adjust the vertical tilt until it reaches the desired position. The foot pedal (3) is meant to secure the pole and canopy so the wind won’t spin it. To rotate the sunshade around the pole on its axis, just press the foot pedal (3), turn the umbrella and release the pedal.

Closing the umbrella:

To close the parasol, start turning the crank handle (2) in counter clockwise direction and the canopy will slowly collapse. Press and pull down the slider’s handle (3) and bind the strap after the umbrella is closed.



The frame and pole – the new Bambrella MAESTRO has a reinforced side pole, frame and ribs to make it more resistant against stronger winds. Its sleek and elegant design is made from durable aluminium alloy, and comes in a powder coated graphite grey colour.

The canopy – the Spuncrylic material used is a high-quality polyester fabric designed for UV blocking (UPF 50+), is water repellent and can highlight your outdoor area with a print that guarantees your brand’s logo will be seen and remembered.

(*) This cantilever parasol is built with high grade materials to resist all types of weather but we always recommend to our clients to keep it closed and secured when not in use. All parts are interchangeable.


The Bambrella Maestro was designed with 2 shapes and sizes: 3m x 4m Rectangular frame and canopy, ideal for narrow terraces or longer tables and a Square shape of 4m x 4m for this cantilever parasol.


Before choosing the right type of fixation for your cantilever, first you have to consider the place where the parasol will be installed. Will it remain there or do you intend to move it? There are only 2 possibilities – permanent fixation and non-permanent fixation.

Permanent fixation – In-ground base

Non-permanent fixation – Steel frame base

This system needs to be buried into the ground about 60 cm deep (we recommend in concrete for maximum stability). It’s the strongest and low cost solution available if your cantilever will remain permanently in that place. It has a rotating bracket so you’ll still be able to rotate the parasol. The steel frame base can have caster wheels to be easily moved and it can reach up to 240 kg with 8 tiles x 30kg each. The tiles are made from concrete and the rotating bracket is included.


Protective cover

To increase the life of your parasol, we recommend keeping it in a protective cover when not in use. This will add extra fade protection and will stop mould and water. It’s free and included in the initial package.



Want to spend more time outdoors? Add a set of lights to your cantilever and enjoy the summer evenings on the terrace. We have 3 different options, all having 6+ hours autonomy, LED and dimmable:

Hanging lights, rechargeable (not included, available here) Portable lights, with magnetic bracket (not included, available here) Lights with speakers and Bluetooth (available only by phone)


With halogen lamps or infrared, are strong, reliable and water spray resistant. They create a warm and cosy atmosphere under the parasol’s canopy and are easily operated. Low maintenance and low energy consumption, the ideal accessory to make your cantilever an all weather parasol.



Bambrella Maestro has all the features you would expect from a quality parasol: elegant appearance, easy setup, and durability. This product is designed for intense use in hospitality sector such as restaurant or café terraces, beer gardens or hotel entrances and is intended for use in demanding outdoor conditions.

It features a perfect combination of beauty and strength in every detail, delivering a versatile and timeless product that is elegant and lightweight.


If you need more information regarding this 4m cantilever parasol, please contact us by phone, e-mail or using the form on our contact page. We are available Monday to Friday – 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.


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