Golf Club Parasols - Best Outdoor Umbrellas

If you want a high quality outdoor umbrella for your Golf Club terrace, Bambrella’s commercial parasols range is the best choice you can own!

Built to withstand all weather conditions, our golf parasols are the perfect accessory for your terrace.

Our golf parasols are the perfect accessory for your terrace and ideal for tournament and tournament-style rounds alike. They are crafted to provide the terrace with shade and shelter, whilst adding a touch of luxury to your outdoor space. The high quality materials used and the solid frame structure, will protect your clients in all weather conditions. They come with a set of accessories that fit to the frame, like heaters and lights, enhancing the experience and creating a cosy atmosphere under the canopy. This way, players can keep their golf equipment safe and enjoy drinks on terrace even after sunset or during the unpredicted summer showers.

Features to look for in a parasol for your Golf Club:

The first feature you would want your golf umbrella to have, is a high quality canopy fabric, UV resistant, that protects from strong ultraviolet radiations. All Bambrella’s parasols have a UPF up to 80+, they are water repellent, windproof, tear and fade resistant. The frame and structure are equally important, that’s why we produce them in 3 materials available: stainless steel, aluminium and bamboo. If you are placed in a strong windy area, consider adding a heavy duty base, to make sure the golf umbrellas won’t spin or be blown away.

Another feature you may want to consider, is the possibility of printing the canopy with your logo, to make it stand out and enhance the terrace. With us, this option is easily possible. We offer 3 types of materials for covers, with more than 25 possible colours. Just send us your logo, with the details and choose the right colour that fits the best with your club.

Why our parasols are rated as the best in the leisure industry:

Luxurious aspect, only the highest quality materials used

Strong metallic/wooden structure, with 5 years guarantee

All weather parasols, customisable with heaters and lights

High protection against strong UV rays, UPF up to 80+


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We offer a complete range of commercial parasols and garden umbrellas, in different shapes and sizes, from small to large and even giant. Either you require a traditional free standing umbrella or an overhanging cantilever parasol, all of Bambrella’s products have patented technology included and are wind tunnel tested to give you peace of mind.

With our 10 years’ experience in manufacturing professional parasols for restaurants, pubs, hotels or cafes, Bambrella has become an integral part of some of the world’s top golf clubs standard outdoor furniture. Feel free to join our big family! Just get in touch by phone, or send us a message with your quote and one of our team members will give you the best options available for your budget and your project.


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