Parasol Cover Options

Bambrella offer three types of materials for our parasol covers, Spuncrylic®, Polyester and Recasens.


Spuncrylic® is polyester which has gone through a process called solution dying. Solution dying gives polyester an extremely high resistance to fading from sunlight. Spuncrylic® also has good stain resistance as well as being water repellent. In addition, Spuncrylic® has a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of at least 50. This indicates what fraction of the sun’s ultraviolet rays can penetrate the fabric. For example, Material with a UPF of 50, allows just 1/50th of the sun’s UV radiation to reach your skin. The higher the UPF (ultraviolet protection factor), the greater the protection.


Polyester is a strong fibre that is resistant to creasing and keeps its shape well. The price of polyester covers is lower in comparison to Spuncrylic® covers due to the colour fastness of the darker materials, which is why Bambrella only offer two natural colours in the polyester material.

Recasens RECacril®

Recasens RECacril® is an acrylic fabric of the highest quality which guarantee the best water resistance and sun protection. Recasens is used extensively in both the boating and marine industries because of its strength and durability.

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